The stock market for music

Rightoken is a marketplace for legal rights to songs powered by the Rightoken community and secured by Ethereum. Sound recording copyrights and royalties are transferred to tokenholders who can sell their shares on any open market.

Tokenized Rights

A key change in music

By tokenizing rights, artists fund their work and keep control of the profits. Investors can share in the gains after finding the next hit.

Exchange anywhere

Rightoken is a place to mint, list, and view tokenized rights to music. But rightokens are fully owned by the tokenholder meaning they can be exchanged on any compatible marketplace as well.

Democratic & transparent

No constraining contracts with bureaucratic record labels. Own your own work and support artists directly. All Rightoken code is open-source and belongs to the community.

Comprehensible contracts

The contracts that confer legal rights are written in plain English, so no legal team required. All legal backend is managed by Rightoken in-cloud or on-chain.

Build a portfolio

Easily invest in a range of works with previously unprecedented access to an expanded and diversified portfolio.

Supporting Ensemble

Don't miss a beat

Connect with the Rightoken community and core team to stay up-to-date on progress, troubleshoot problems, and riff around.